The Heart Spoken Words Podcast will be starting in September. 90-POUND HEAVYWEIGHT with Angela Barnes Podcast is available now on iTunes–sharing the unstoppable spirit of my mother, Janet Barnes. You can follow the link highlighted to learn more and subscribe to the podcast letting you learn first about more of her amazing and inspiring life.

Interviews will be updated in the upcoming months. It’s been a pretty exciting opportunity to share and have other want to know more about my writing and life as the daughter of two parents who have always been a hard act to follow.

In the Podcast ‘Winning at Business and Life’ I was interviewed by John Murphy who truly helped me share the story and life of my mother Janet Barnes and the tribute book ’90-POUND HEAVYWEIGHT: the Life and Triumph of Janet Barnes.

The second is the podcast companion to ‘The Courage to…” upcoming book release.

Adela Rubio hosted a premier program focusing on big shifts and this is the segment that shared my thoughts and story. You can find the others by following the link attached.

Big Shifts Interview hosted by Adela Rubio (click here) 

Alive to Thrive with Brenda Fraser