Peace in Action

My action is sharing and participating in what I call ‘World Peace Meditation Day’ is known as (click link to read more)  Wold Healing Day


Sometimes peace needs a little priming

There is a difference in refection, engagement and action

I believe peace is action

When we falter or forget

We can smile

A simple smile primes us for movement

It changes us and is encouraging

With encouragement we can do more

We want to do more


I believe it is a universal need to feel connection

Reflection is only part

Engagement isn’t enough

It’s missing action

The overwhelming concept of peace

Can be reduced to its simplest form

By sharing a smile

From inside us to outside and beyond

We are action and part of a universal healing movement


The recipe—repeat daily and share

About the Author

Angela Barnes is a published author, poet, and songwriter, and a powerful and candid speaker. She hosts live and virtual poetry events.