I’m not a Texas native—but many of us aren’t

We’ve chose or been chosen

And remained


Because it’s the Texan’s heart

That is so large—so open and willing to help

That Texas became home

It’s an adoption by choice

Or maybe by right or luck

Yet, once your heart belongs to Texas

It doesn’t matter where you are

You are part and heart forever


You can leave by choice or other demands

And still remain in the heart of Texas

And know that your home is never gone

I left for reasons and I needed too

Yet, right now with two daughters in Texas

I send prayers and support

I’ll find something more to share more tangibly

In hopes to join and feel the bond

Of all that care


The world rallies with you

I join my prayers with so many

There is no task or challenge

Too tall for Texas

God bless

September 13, 2017

About the Author

Angela Barnes is a published author, poet, and songwriter, and a powerful and candid speaker. She hosts live and virtual poetry events.