Evolution of a Resume

My Hearts Resume 

The evolution of a resume. The discovery of me–sharing me freely with you. 

Once upon a time I was confined. I had a job. The job was to let an employer know I was present, capable, willing, and wanting to work. (of course I actually did the work too…)

Then came a little more discovery of myself–perhaps growth, experience, discernment. A desire to not just show you that I have a skill and I want to work, but to let you see a little more of me–see the diversity, the facets. To see that my abilities stretch beyond the task at hand. That the “I” inside me is more–enough more that you can see that I wanted, deserved and needed more to do. I need more responsibly, more remuneration, more recognition. More to feed me than just a job. I wanted good work and I wanted to work well. (I did that level of work and I did it well yet…)

Then came a time when the job and the pay I won’t say were secondary, but maybe that is right.
They were no longer the focus, the match. Instead the focus became the thought that if I’m lucky I’ll have the ability to do what I want to do for the joy of doing it, and for the success and the security financially of getting paid for what I do well. (some of this came to be…)

Then some more time changes or some more discoveries are formed. I guess the heart is growing. My heart is growing and I’m learning who I am on a deeper level so that now my passion and my work are blending. I’m doing more of what I want to do. I’m still doing what I need to do. I’m still doing the necessities of life, but I am also doing my essential work. The work I was born and meant to do. That is why I call it the evolution of a resume. A resume born in the heart with love. So today I am developing for you to hear, and to share with you, my hearts resume. It’s not a new one. It’s clear. It’s strong. It knows what it’s supposed to do and it’s doing it.  (December 26, 2011)