Day 29, Celebrate National Poetry Month–CHOICE

We’re nearing the end of my choice and commitment to write daily. I’ve noticed some thoughts were pretty clear and others like today–not so much. It’s been a challenging month. So many things I want to share–with someone. Maybe this exercise is my way of getting to READY. Maybe I’ll get more clear. I can hope. The problems in part seem to be so rooted in me that CHOICE isn’t all that is required.

I know I’m talking in circles. I’m sorry–tears and fears are high in me.


Isn’t there a question
Isn’t there a reason
Where is the answer
If there is no reason

Why do I
Go round-and-round
When I believe
The direct route
Is best

Because I have too many
Far—far too many choices
Wouldn’t a few
Make the choice easier

I think so
Yet, until I have
No interest and curiosity
I continue wanting more
Couldn’t I set a few aside

Pick up the mess
Clean out the room
C-h-o-o-s-e one
Or maybe two
And not continue
With everything

April 29, 2017


To choose
To start here
Where I am with
What I can do
With what’s available
And do the best I can

And go for it
Hope for the best
I’m going to let the momentum
And you help me
Move forward
Get past stuck
And grow to be
Capable and share
A website
And heart set free

Right now
In me
With you
Because right now
In this moment we are one

September 20, 2011

About the Author

Angela Barnes is a published author, poet, and songwriter, and a powerful and candid speaker. She hosts live and virtual poetry events.