Day 30, National Poetry Month–The End (maybe)

We’re here at the end of April and my final post celebrating, recognizing and writing during National Poetry Month. It’s been up and down. I haven’t felt fully motivated but I have felt committed to continuing the entire month. Today, is the day I normally write something like a summary or post-mortem, or celebration of my […]

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Day 29, Celebrate National Poetry Month–CHOICE

We’re nearing the end of my choice and commitment to write daily. I’ve noticed some thoughts were pretty clear and others like today–not so much. It’s been a challenging month. So many things I want to share–with someone. Maybe this exercise is my way of getting to READY. Maybe I’ll get more clear. I can […]

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Day 28, Celebrate National Poetry Month–the Tear

The Tear The tear didn’t tear my heart It cleansed and opened it The fear didn’t offer fright Just a window to see the light The night didn’t last forever But it lingered to show the way The day wasn’t complete But it did let me see there was no defeat I won’t last forever […]

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