Happy Birthday Daddy

I called him ‘daddy’. He would have been 95 today–January 23rd 2018. If we were once again together I’d be baking a pineapple upside down cake or maybe another  of his favorites–a banana meringue cake. We always made the ‘favorites’ for birthdays.   I’m remembering short visual images of life with daddy and stories and facts […]

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Peace in Action

My action is sharing and participating in what I call ‘World Peace Meditation Day’ is known as (click link to read more)  Wold Healing Day PEACE IN ACTION Sometimes peace needs a little priming There is a difference in refection, engagement and action I believe peace is action When we falter or forget We can smile […]

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30 Days of Morning Musing…another writing opportunity

Once again, my friend and consummate writing facilitator, Adela Rubio is hosting a 30-day writing event. It is titled ’30 Days of Morning Musing’. It is a unique opportunity to get to know and maybe grow yourself—from the inside out. I’m in! For me I find remembering from the inside helps me find a better […]

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I’m not a Texas native—but many of us aren’t We’ve chose or been chosen And remained Why Because it’s the Texan’s heart That is so large—so open and willing to help That Texas became home It’s an adoption by choice Or maybe by right or luck Yet, once your heart belongs to Texas It doesn’t […]

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